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Changes in the Management Board of Tide Software and Tide Mobile

Change is an integral part of life, both private and professional. Thanks to it, we gain new experience, and meet new people. New situations make us adapt and improve. And if we can plan the changes with all due diligence and prepare for them, it means that their effect will be the best. Such changes were planned by Tomasz Michalski and Janusz Pytlak - shareholders and Presidents of Tide Software and Tide Mobile.

Let's start from the beginning…

On August 4, 2008 Tomek and Janusz founded the company to reflect their values, where the work atmosphere would be as important as the financial results, innovation would be part of the company's DNA, and glowing recommendations from satisfied customers would fuel their growth. Today, Tide Software is more than 13 years old, has younger brother Tide Mobile, employs 60 people and generates revenues of PLN 100 million per year.

The goal has always been to provide customers with innovative solutions on time. This means that it is not enough to listen and verify their needs on an ongoing basis, you also have to anticipate and even create. Therefore, since the very beginning, the company has been conducting research and projects in the field of hi-tech, reaching far into the future. There were really many of them. For example, today there is a completely new technology of artificial intelligence based on the time-space operation of a biological brain, taking into account quantum mechanics, entropy energy, etc. Research carried out in parallel to regular production creates excellent development opportunities for our employees, and open the door to new opportunities for customers." - says Tomek.

The main area of Tide's activity is communication and creating solutions that will support it along with the development of technology.

“We started with SMS communication, which was naturally complemented by MMS. Then we extended the Tide Platform with an email module and a module for building loyalty programs. In the following years, solutions for voice services and an application for contact centers appeared. Each of the Tide Platform modules, ie Tide Mobile, Tide Email, Tide Telco and Tide CC, can function independently, but in accordance with the concept adopted at the beginning, when used together, they allow our clients to achieve a synergy effect." - says Janusz.

Man does not live on work alone...

… And Tide’s Management knows it very well! Therefore, apart from work, product development, sales, technology and artificial intelligence, we try to take care of the greatest capital of our company - employees. We have had many team building trips together in Poland and abroad. We visited Naples, Barcelona, Lisbon, and Malta, where we celebrated the 10th anniversary of the company. We moved our offices to a villa in Tuscany for 2 weeks. We relaxed in the SPA of Dr. Irena Eris, we kayaked, grilled, baked, and celebrated Janusz’s birthdays. We organized parties in the garage, where we baked the best pizza in the city, and we even had a private concert of the Polish rap legend - O.S.T.R.! So much has happened over the years! Such events will be remembered forever, and will bring us closer together and motivate us to work together and progress.

Change is the basis of business development

Change is an inseparable element of development. With this in mind, the shareholders of Tide Software - Tomek and Janusz, made an important decision for which they had been preparing for a long time. They decided to put the reins of Tide into the hands of people they trust, who have many years of experience, know Tide "inside out" and have a vision of further development similar to their vision. Who are we talking about? They are Przemysław Zawadzki, who had previously held the position of Sales Team Manager, and Robert Jarocki, Senior Developer and Senior Artificial Intelligence Specialist.

“Robert and Przemek were leaders in their departments. First of all, they proved that they understand our philosophy of running the company and the current needs of our clients. That is why I believe that they will be able to handle the responsibility, and I will now be able to devote myself entirely to the Artificial Intelligence project. The results of this project so far are very promising. In addition, together with a number of employees, we have created an excellent R&D team and we hope that we will soon provide our clients with a new level of customer experience. So now I will be the employee of Przemek and Robert. We will see how they will prove themselves in the role of supervisor." - says Tomek with a smile.

"Robert and Przemek have the potential, willingness and ideas to further develop Tide, and this is the basis of success in the telecommunications industry." - adds Janusz.

Formal changes

On January 1, 2022, the leadership of Tide Software and Tide Mobile changed. Tomasz Michalski, who set the direction for the technological development of Tide solutions, was replaced by Robert Jarocki, and Janusz Pytlak, who was responsible for business development, was replaced by Przemysław Zawadzki. Here is how the new Management Board is shaped:

Tide Software Sp. z o.o.

Robert Jarocki - President of the Management Board
Przemysław Zawadzki - Vice President of the Management Board
- Representation: two members of the Management Board acting jointly.

Tide Mobile Sp. z o.o.

Przemysław Zawadzki - President of the Management Board
Robert Jarocki - Vice President of the Management Board
- Representation: two members of the Management Board acting jointly.

These changes are the natural flow of things for the founders of Tide Software. They have built a strong, stable organization, and trust Przemek and Robert with its direction.

“I would like to thank Janusz and Tomek for the trust they placed in me and Robert. Thank you! There are huge challenges ahead of us in the form of constant development of the company, implementation of new communication tools, retaining existing customers and acquiring new ones, and thus increasing revenues along with margins.

Nevertheless, what is most important to me are the Tide employees who make up the company, commitment, willingness to work and the atmosphere at Tide. Without such a team and what it does for the company, it is impossible to achieve our goals and meet these challenges. The words of Richard Branson - founder of the Virgin Group - fit perfectly here, “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients". I fully agree with that." - comments Przemek Zawadzki.

“When I came to Tide Software, on August 5, 2013, a handful of people were working with us. I thought that, like most programmers, this would only be the next stop in my career. This stop has been going on for over 8 years. From coding with Tomek, everyday “What’s up?”, many unrealized and realized ideas, failures that were mostly beyond our control, through new products, new and bigger and more demanding customers and a growing team, we managed to make the company that sent 70 million SMS a year into a company that is now able to do so in one day.

As you can see, the bar is set very high and it shows how much trust Janusz and Tomasz have placed in us, for which I would like to thank them. Together with Przemek, I believe that we will be able to meet their expectations and we will do our best to match the high standards set by the former Presidents. And we have the tools for this - stability, with a strong brand, heads full of ideas and a great team. It does not matter if a person is an intern, seller, programmer, specialist in customer support or implementation, manager, administration, HR, accounting employee - everyone is important here and I will do my best to keep it that way." - says Robert Jarocki.

Quality and safety for customers

Despite changes in the management of Tide Software and Tide Mobile, our clients can be sure that the quality of service remains at a high level.

"Tomek and I, as a members of the Supervisory Board, will exercise ownership supervision over the companies and support the new Management Board to our fullest." - concludes Janusz.

We still listen to the needs of our clients. We care about the security of the solutions we offer. We follow the development of the market, and we are not lagging behind. We want more! We want to be a pioneer in the development of artificial intelligence algorithms and their wide application in business data analysis. We have many plans for further development of our solutions, which we will soon inform you about!

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