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Integration of Tide Software SMS with apps in Zapier

Zapier is a platform including thousands of apps used for automation of processes and tasks in everyday work.

We can create connections between all apps available in the platform (the so called Zaps), and most importantly – from now on – connect them with the Tide Software SMS app!

How to integrate SMS messaging with any app in Zapier?

Zapier includes tools that are used, among others, to:

All Tide Software customers who use the Zapier platform can use the Tide Software SMS app immediately and automate their processes without any problems.

All it takes is to configure the activities in the Zapier platform and connect the selected SMS sending account in the Tide Software SMS app. It's just a few clicks to connect any app, e.g. HubSpot with the Tide Software SMS app, without the need to possess knowledge and skills in the field of coding.

When setting the SMS sending action, it is possible to determine to which phone number the messages are to be sent, from what overwrite, and with what content – so all the requirements for perfect SMS communication are instantly met.

By providing the recipient's number and content, it is possible to take advantage of variables offered by the app with which we connect SMS sending, so on the example of HubSpot - by setting a notification about a new e-mail, we can, for example, insert the title or sender of the e-mail in the content.

Thanks to the integration with Tide Software SMS, you can significantly improve communication with your customers during each stage of their contact with you.


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