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Why we care about people?

Reading our company strategy, you consider why we placed people at the first place? Why not product, market, trends or marketing strategy? Let us consider for a moment what business advantage you would obtain if you have a great knowledge base, where each issue is discussed at greater length and expression and information is supported by examples. What if you possess knowledge with efficient searchable interface for databases, with possibility of dividing into various industries, which is additionally creative and intelligent? This is what our team is – the most perfect knowledge base. Our strategy is deemed to allow continuous development of the knowledge base, constant widening and supplementing of “data”. Furthermore it has to provide the best “servers”, high-quality “administration” and frequent “tuning”.

“Development, supplementing of database” – kaizen, constant widening of knowledge

  • Prepared training and certification paths
  • Conference participation
  • Cyclical change of tasks assigned (gaining new competences)
  • Wide R&D
  • Internal knowledge base

“The best servers” – optimal working conditions

  • Equipment infrastructure and software with a high-level of quality
  • Understandable system of tasks and goals
  • Transparent employees evaluation system
  • Clear production cycle
  • Internal library

“High-quality administration” – the cohesive team

  • Rank and file employees and Members of the Board work closely as a team
  • “Open your mind” meetings, initiating creativity
  • Everyone has the possibility to participate in decision-making processes
  • Creating of leaders (not related to team management, but development of competences)
  • Universal access to BSC (Strategic Balanced Scorecard)

“Frequent tuning”

  • Using interesting, innovative management solutions
  • Continuous optimization of the internal company processes

Our mission

We provide to our customers what they want, when they want, with superior quality and at reasonable price, using the fast and flexible business processes.


We strive to continually improve the quality of our services, which is why our motto was inspired by Toyota:

“Even if the target seems high as to be unachievable at first glance, if you explain the necessity to all the people involved and insist upon it, everyone will become enthusiastic in the spirit of challenge, will work together and achieve it”.

Ichiro Suzuki, chief engineer of the first Lexus

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