A comprehensive tool for direct marketing
and customer service

TidePlatform.com supports bulk SMS, MMS and voice SMS messaging, fax broadcasting, email markteting, mass voice calls and call centers.

TidePlatform.com offers modules to support various aspects of marketing and customer service. Full integration allows you to work on a single database and organize developed information campaigns and advertising.

TideMobile logo

TideMobile - bulk SMS and MMS

TideEmail logo

TideEmail - emailing, mailing databases

TideTelco logo

TideTelco - bulk fax and voice mailing

TideCC logo

TideCC - contact center system

Explore the possibilities:

communication services: VMS, SMS, MMS, chat SMS, voice calls, CC application, email, survey, widget, IVR, fax, helpline

Questions? Speak with a Tide Software Specialist about your specific needs.

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