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Product strategy

We included the idea of the Toyota Way production methodology in our business strategy, describing synthetic there the long-term goals connected with a product development. We would like to show you how we see the birth of the product issue. We speak here neither about the technology nor about tools, but about the concept, how we convert the strategy of gaining and maintaining knowledge into a specific product.

Two views “client's” and “software developer's”

The client’s natural approach is business one, what benefits he will receive if the system is implemented. He looks at the system and understands it through its graphical interface. Generally the client does not want to know how it looks from the inside, except the fact the system must be modern, efficient, stabile and safe. The software producer’s approach is strongly marked by technology and his own skills. We separated these two views at once – layers. Furthermore we distinguished four key stages due to realize the “Pull” system that is consistent with “Toyota production” methodology and the whole product strategy’s development , our offer and all other activities are subjected to this.

produkcja oprogranowania, procesy biznesowe, przygotowanie interfejsu, logika biznesowa, programowanie

The part related to clients consists of two stages:

  • Recognition of business processes
  • Preparation of graphic user interface

    The part of developer includes the other two stages:
  • Construction of business logic (typical programming)
  • Developing of low-level elements

“Toyota pull production system” approach

As the above stages show, the first stage is to recognize the clients’ business needs and his processes often crossing through a company (even few companies at once, for example our concept of “ 2.0 Branches”).

Only when the process is examined in depth (genchi genbutsu), having its business description, we consider, how the graphic interface should look like and how users could serve it in IT system in the most optimal manner. These both stages are discussed with the clients. We make sure that all members of our staff taking part in the discussion are persons of consulting/business profile (without an awareness of possible technological limitations). Such prepared material is rewritten into the technological and functional project. Following two stages are realized without the client’s participation and are related to standard production. We intend to take particular care that the very first step in the whole process is to recognize client’s needs, what initiates the next stage. Furthermore the next step will not be initiated when the previous one is not closed. We pay particular attention to user’s interface, its ergonomics and adjustment.

The knowledge and experience

We are the software developer and aspire to provide you, not only software, but the knowledge and experience included. In order to do it, we had to answer the key following question: “Where do we get the knowledge from?”. The labour market is somewhat precarious now, it is hard to keep experienced people and there is no better base of knowledge than human mind.

This is why the strategy of our company is strongly focused on people and kaizen – expanding knowledge. We have the tools to gather it, we gain materials and prepare study cases etc. However the experienced employees are irreplaceable. Could you imagine a company, that has, say 1000 of reference clients, but employees has just began their carrier and took part in several projects as far (a very high turnover of staff possible over there)? Now we try to imagine a company with several references having employees that took part in hundreds of projects. Which one of them, which company has wider knowledge and greater potential? Our answer for this question is our company strategy.

The product strategy vs the offer

When looking at these two views (“client's” and “software developer's”) and their approach to product, but also at wishing to give you our knowledge and experience, we prepared our offer in a very special way. First of all we supply ready business processes as an accumulation of the good practices and experience from implementations to date. We develop a special technological platform, due to these processes could work.


In sum, our strategy of the product has following benefits:

  • The client’s needs determine the product, and not the reverse.
  • GUI (having top priority in our company) as the key element connects company business with IT solutions.
  • We focus on supplying ready solutions with a wide knowledge and great experience.
  • The company strategy treats people in a special way – our employees in a special way due to ensure the highest accumulation of knowledge
  • Our offer is subjected to presumptions mentioned above.

Our mission

We provide to our customers what they want, when they want, with superior quality and at reasonable price, using the fast and flexible business processes.


We strive to continually improve the quality of our services, which is why our motto was inspired by Toyota:

“Even if the target seems high as to be unachievable at first glance, if you explain the necessity to all the people involved and insist upon it, everyone will become enthusiastic in the spirit of challenge, will work together and achieve it”.

Ichiro Suzuki, chief engineer of the first Lexus

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