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Employers Association of Electronic Communications Industry Is to Be Established

Copartnerships from the sector of electronic communication for business are going to establish Employers Association of Electronic Communications Industry. Entities have signed a letter of intent and currently, formalities leading to the official establishing of cooperation are in progress. The initiative gathers companies representing about 90 per cent of the mass communication market in Poland and aims to, e.g. expand knowledge about mobile technology in business, conduct market research as well as develop and use new technologies effectively.

The Employers Association joins 20 entities, including 5 biggest partnerships in the area of SMS communication, which represent nearly 90 per cent of the mass communication market in Poland, both in terms of the number of clients served as well as the SMS traffic generated. These partnerships are: LINK Mobility Poland (, Materna Communications (, SerwerSMS Polska (, Tide Software ( and Vercom ( The association is open for new entities operating in the area of modern electronic communications channels: mobile, chatbots as well as e-mail communication.

- Together with the representatives of the biggest entities from the industry we decided to set up Employers Association of Electronic Communications Industry. We need an organisation in which as the specialists in the field we could develop knowledge together and share our experiences. The Association will represent common interests with regard to, e.g. projects of legal solutions in the telecommunications field as well as talks and negotiations with telecommunications operators, and will present expert opinions on the matters concerning mobile communication. – says Krzysztof Szyszka, the chairman of Vercom S.A.

The Association set up by the partnerships from the industry aims to represent shared opinion concerning mobile communication. It is especially important during implementation of new technological and legislative solutions. – We would like to represent a coherent opinion on changes that will concern all of us. As the Association we are planning to come to an agreement with telecommunications operators efficiently, which is indispensable to guarantee a universal access to new technologies, e.g. RCS messages. We believe that soon they will constitute the basis of mobile communication, thus we care about negotiating favorable conditions of cooperation, which will influence the whole industry. – comments Daniel Zawiliński, the CEO of SerwerSMS Polska.

The representatives of the partnerships which are going to be involved in the organisation also seek to expand knowledge on the subject of mobile technologies in Poland. The Association is planning to arrange seminars, conferences and other forms enabling exchanging views and experiences as well as passing knowledge. – This is a remarkable opportunity for each of the partnerships to share knowledge, experience and to educate the market even more effectively. Events which we would like to organise will be targeted at businesses in all industries. We are going to show what benefits come from using mobile technology and text communication, how high efficiency they reach as well as how to create Omnichannel campaigns easily. – adds Wojciech Kaczmarek, the chairman of LINK Mobility Poland.

Mobile communication is a dynamically developing and rapidly changing industry. It creates the necessity of continuous educating, searching for new concepts and conducting market research. – Within the framework of cooperation we are going to establish a group responsible for effective implementation and usage of new mobile technologies on the Polish market. We wish to introduce appearing innovations as soon as it is possible and not only to follow trends but also to set them. We believe that basing on new, novel niches, we will be able to expand activity on foreign markets. – informs Piotr Herman, the Managing Director of Materna Communications.

The Employers Association is also going to carry out tasks from the scope of market research and analysis as well as of consultancy provided to board members. – In such a specialistic industry as the mobile technology sector we constantly need new, ambitious and well-educated workers. We want to educate young, involved people to help them to develop in the field but also to get experts from the industry. Thanks to such a great access to knowledge which we can offer, it is significantly easier to perform than to do it single-handedly. – says Janusz Pytlak, the vice-president of Tide Software.

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