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November Credit & Collection Days 2015 awards handed out

The second edition of annual conference dedicated to most important issues and challenges that receivables, credit and collections market is currently facing, was held 5th-6th of November 2015. Tide Software was one of the exhibitors and the sponsor of the lottery awards for the participants of the NCCD Conference.

November Credit & Collection Days 2015

NCCD conference is a very interesting discussion forum for the most opinion-forming and experienced bodies of receivables, credit and collections branch and a platform enabling exchanging experiences in optimization of the process of credit risk management. The second edition of the conference took place at the hotel Narvil in Serock, nearby Warsaw. During this conference Tide Software presented a complex offer of telecommunication services for the credit & collection industry.

Higher efficiency of credit&collection activities

Both the speech of Ph. D. Katarzyna Kreczmańska-Gigol, associate professor from the Institute of Collegium of Management and Finance of Warsaw School of Economics on the "The activities in the process of the receivables, credit and collection management vs debt collection’s efficiency – the latest researches", and the speech of Mr Bruce Curry, the representative of FICO company on the "What is creating competitive advantage?" confirm that the thoughtful communication with a client through different channels increases efficiency of debt recovery activities. Tide Software ensures such approach, offering one tool which can communicate with clients through different channels (by SMS, email, fax, voice calls and voice SMS).

Intriguing voice calls offer

Our TideTelco services enjoyed the greatest popularity among participants. Tide Telco is related to caller’s ID that might be presented as any telephone number (either stationary or GSM number), rotation of a displayed telephone number and adjusting an area code to a client’s region “during its way”.


There was a lottery organized during the conference. Congratulations to the winners, who have won prizes sponsored by Tide Software, especially we would like to congratulate to the person who drew the Grand Prize, which was a high-quality 2D to 3D projector.

Our complex offer of telecommunication services for collection companies, please find here:

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