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Debt Collection 2019

May is a really busy time for us if it comes to participation in conferences, meetings and workshops of a various kind. There is a lot going on on the map of the industry events and we willingly take part in them to share our knowledge and experiences. The next event – the conference Debt Collection 2019, this time organized by Golden Solutions, is ahead of us. Among speakers there are representatives of mBank S.A., the Court Executive Officer of Warsaw-Wola District Court in Warsaw, PZU S.A., Vivus Finance sp. z o.o., EOS & M. Witoń Kancelaria Prawna sp.k. and of course, Tide Software.

The Perspective Different Than Before

This year’s conference, unlike those from the previous years, enables wider perspective on the subject of debt collection. Until now speakers concentrated only on the telephone debt collection. Because the industry is developing dynamically and IT companies create new solutions facilitating debt collection, the organizers decided to widen the range of topics of this year’s meeting and not to limit speakers’ abilities.

What is on the Schedule?

Looking at the subject of debt collection from a wide perspective has given the speakers great opportunities. That is why this year during the conference participants will have a chance to listen about:

  • Practical changes in debt collectors’ work and in execution proceedings in 2019
  • Changes of the debt collection industry legal environment
  • A comparison of a human and an robot in the process of restructuring
  • A sales model and relations with an investor
  • Five telco tools improving reaching Clients on the phone
  • The specialized and the universal debt collection – what and when is more effective in a mass debt collection

5 Tools Improving #Reaching Clients on the Phone

Tide Software is going to present 5 tried ways to improve reaching indebted clients. We are going to talk, among other things, about: skip tracing from the operator’s perspective, using Big Data in a base optimization, voice messages, bots, artificial intelligence and ways to control OUT numbers in a call center. There will be also interesting statistics and the newest data from our report “Reaching Clients on the Phone in the Financial Industry.”

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