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MCW 2019 Even Greater

The next edition of MCW is ahead of us. On the 20th and 21st of May in Łódź we are meeting again at one of a kind event inspired by Customers' experiences - My Customer World Forum & Experience 2019. With great pleasure we can boast of the fact that this year Tide Software has joined the Programme Board of the project.

The Centre of Customer’s Universe

My Customer World is the event inspired by experiences of clients, participants, users, workers and residents. Two days full of histories and valuable tips closed in 25 inimitable presentations - the premiere of the results of the exceptional survey and knowledge stemming from the practice of 35 speakers. In a word, the centre of a Customer’s universe, which you can get to know already on the 20th and 21st of May in Łódź.

What Will Be Discussed?

MCW is the conference devoted to the Customers and a brand’s communication with them. Together with partners the organizers discover who a present-day Customer is, how she/he makes decisions, what changes undergoes and how adapts new solutions. They present only proven methods of efficient communication with a Customer by using both traditional as well as modern available communication channels.

Łódź for This Year

The choice of Łódź as the place for My Customer World is not coincidental. The town has the exceptional, even symbolic meaning for the project. It is in the centre of the innovative Poland - perfectly communicated - after all, it is the beating heart of the Polish customer service. Łódź has also a unique culture; this is the town that is changing right before our very eyes; the place combining tradition with modernity, energy with culture, the heart of Poland with multiculturalism and tolerance.

Why Will MCW 2019 Be Even Greater?

  • Only premiere performances – unique, premiere contents which you have never seen before.
  • Practitioners as speakers – speakers from Poland, Great Britain, Germany and the Czech Republic chosen by the Programme Board.
  • No marketing bullshit – speakers and organizers guarantee presentations to be substantive, not commercial.
  • No marketing bullshit – speakers and organizers guarantee presentations to be substantive, not commercial.
  • Debates that have never happened before – conversation and confrontation - two highly significant topics that can be differently understood (details in the Programme).
  • The 65+ Experience Report – the premiere of the report devoted to the senior customer service – the first study of this kind in Poland.
  • Networking Master Class – cooperation was our motivation from the very beginning. We organized MCW to cognize and talk.
  • MCW Party – in the evening you are welcomed to join in the fun. MCW Party – music, networking and delicious food.
  • The dream conference – MCW was developed to make a dream of a conference being a real experience come true.

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