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As Tide Software we willingly share our knowledge and experience with other companies. With a great pleasure together with PZZW (Polski Związek Zarządzania Wierzytelnościami) and the company VSoft S.A. we have engaged in the next project – Technological Breakfast, the meeting which is the ground to exchange experiences between entrepreneurs from the financial sector and the IT industry. On the 16th of May we are meeting in Wrocław to talk, e.g. about benign influence of skip tracing on restricted contact with a debtor.

New PZZW Knowledge Platform

Technological Breakfasts is the PZZW initiative which has taken the form of meetings of experts from the financial industry. Its aim is to exchange experiences, ideas and knowledge concerning the usage of modern IT solutions in relations with clients of the industry. The first Technological Breakfast, so the opening of the new initiative, met with a highly positive response from participants.

Participants did not only warmly received the idea of creating necessary ground which would enable regular meetings of entities from the financial sector (who take part in the process of recovery) and IT experts, which brings benefits to both sides, but also they came up with topics to be discussed during the second Technological Breakfast. For us, as for the organisers, this fact is mostly pleasing since it means that participants, e.g. representatives of debt collection agencies report real problems they come across in their everyday work. The issues are immediately analysed by the second side – technological companies – which can respond to them by offering the most modern IT solutions – comments Piotr Badowski, PZZW chairman, the organiser of the event.

16th of May – the Second Technological Breakfast

The next meeting creates the occasion to talk with experts about IT tools facilitating and automating the process of communication with debtors. The programme includes, e.g. RODO – the implementation of requirements in an organization; the presentation of possibilities of skip tracing; e-Court – case studies of automation of a lawsuit; the use of chatbots and cloud tools in the financial industry.

Tide Software about Skip Tracing

The lack of contact with debtors causes low efficiency of the process of retrieving payments. However, a restricted contact with a debtor is not always the result of an intentional action of the indebted. The mobility of our society, frequent relocations, changing phone numbers and e-mail addresses in connection with the lack of one, central database make it difficult for creditors to get their money back. Tide Software offers services that can increase getting through to debtors. – In this context skip tracing creates the possibility to access more data which enables finding a debtor’s current phone number or e-mail address. It can be the verification of numbers directly through databases of telecommunications operators or through the Internet. By connecting a debtor’s activity on websites with modern IT tools we can quickly get contact details of a debtor. Thanks to that, a creditor stands a better chance of getting his money back. Currently, more and more companies from the financial industry look for solutions that would enable them to not only automate the process of verification and actualization of debtors’ data but also to increase efficiency of reaching them by phone. Skip tracing, Tide HLR and rotation are only a few of our IT solutions which increase the efficiency of actions taken by debt collection agencies. Searching for debtors’ data can be commissioned to professionals – explains Joanna Michalska-Reich from TideSoftware.

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