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AI, machine and deep learning, big data in call center… in short we were talking about that during the conference „Artificial Intelligence in Customer Service” organized by PIRB. Solutions based on artificial intelligence guarantee even better customer experience quality and that is why they are being increasingly introduced in Polish companies. They enable optimizing both costs as well as consultants’ working time. Tide Software has one aim – Artificial Intelligence for customer service.

AI Is Conquering the World

Gartner Reports show clearly – until 2021 the use of artificial intelligence in customer service will increase by five times. Companies has already noticed the potential of artificial intelligence solutions. They help to facilitate work and to lower costs. Above 90 per cent of typical businesses worldwide are already introducing solutions based on artificial intelligence (survey, MIT Technology Review “Getting to Iconic”).

Artificial Intelligence Solutions in Tide Software

Artificial Intelligence is something that various industries are pursuing, including telecommunications. For some it is a threat of losing a job, for others it is a chance of getting a new one. On the other hand, from a business perspective it is a step which will enable optimizing work of resources being used. Tide Software takes a step further by searching for the ways for applying artificial intelligence to increase efficiency of resources currently possessed as well as to lower operating costs. All of it is possible thanks to eliminating millions of redundant attempts to contact via inadequate contents communicated in a wrong way.

The intelligent predictive dialer is an advanced mode of automatic dialing. It shortens a consultant’s waiting time to less than five seconds and enables saving approx. 15-20 seconds per minute. It is effective for call centers of any size – including 3 to 200+ consultants. It is possible thanks to the usage of learning algorithms. They analyze a billion of telecommunications occurrences annually (big data) to optimize a list of outbound calls. The effects of implementing the predictive dialer speak for themselves – the amount of drops are reduced by 20 per cent and calls efficiency is increased up to 50 per cent.

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