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Our IT & Telco department has an insatiable desire for knowledge. In order to develop Tide Software and implement new solutions our programmers continually look for sources of inspiration. This week they practiced in Cracow during the biggest independent conference for telecommunications industry.

Time Travel – How Was It When the Internet Arose

In the last decades technology has been developing in an unimaginable pace. It is hard to imagine what else can be achieved in this field. In quest for inspiration for new developments sometimes it is worthy to look at a situation from an entirely different perspective. Ron Broersma, Chief Engineer in US Navy took guests on a travel to the dim and distant past when computers and the Internet had just came into existence. How had security and communication been managed then? Do you still remember this?

PLNOG 21 - presentation by Ron Broersma - Chief Engineer in the US Navy

Network Reconnaissance on a „Living Organism”

Our crew highly enjoyed this presentation. In addition to a perfect factual knowledge, Michał Sajdak from Securitum guaranteed visitors a live demo demonstration. It is surprising what vulnerabilities we can find in a network by using only free, open tools accessible for everyone.

PLNOG 21 - live demo by Michał Sajdak from Securitum

This Is Not All…

Upcoming revolution attributable to the introduction of the 5G network; the Cloud security; the choice of the appropriate data center… this is only part of remarkably interesting lectures which our IT & Telco department had the possibility to participate in. We could write about interesting facts, trends and novelties which we heard about for much longer but we know that long scrolling can be tiring ;) We invite You to take a look at the photos.


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