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Mass Eviction

From the 22nd to the 23rd of March the third edition of the conference organised for companies from various industries and for court executive officers dealing with eviction in Poland will take place.

This Is Already the Third Edition

The next edition of this two-day event should primarily attract interest of companies providing services on a large scale in financial and energy industries. However, the subject area is likely to engage also smaller entities. In the agenda apart from the word eviction such terms as: macroeconomic situation, legislative changes (RODO, MSSF 9), technologies, frauds or outsourcing will appear.

The form of the conference projects not only lectures but also interesting discussions and after party.

Do the Polish Pay-Off Debts More Willingly?

Professor Robert Gwiazdowski, the President of the Council of Adam Smith Centre, will carry out an economic analysis and present the economic situation of Poles and their tendency to pay-off debts in correlation with the economic data.

How It Was In the Last Year?

Tide Software representatives, service providers supporting mass eviction, will take part in this conference not for the first time. In the last year the atmosphere of the event was sensational.

See also: Mass Eviction II

We can safely assume that the third edition will be even more interesting. You can find more about the event on:

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