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This time the crew chose a training run by RIPE NCC. Our specialists underwent two trainings at the beginning of March, 2018.

IPv6 Basics

During the first daylong training the following matters were discussed: elements of working in IPv6 networks; rules and methods of auto-negotiation of addresses; general rules and determinants of distribution of appropriate networks for clients, and the terms under which RIPE grants a range of addresses from the IPv6 pool.

Training in DNSSEC

On the second day the crew gained an insight into: the RIPE base itself; methods of querying a database; matters directly connected with DNSSEC architecture, i.e., authorization of records in DNS based on authentication of redundant queries by encryption keys. Moreover, rules of authorization, rules of publication of records in DNSSEC as well as methods of key-rotation in related objects in DNS were discussed.

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The Organiser and Speakers

RIPE NCC is a non-profit organisation consociating, among others, Internet service providers, representatives of telecommunications industry, and corporations in Europe in the Middle East and Central Asia. The most important activity is running RIR (Regional Internet Registry), which provides global Internet resources and related services (IPv4, IPv6 and AS resources).

Andrzej Wolski and Massimiliano Stucchi were the speakers during the training.

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