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The RODO Workshop Behind Us

Is the verification of financial capacity a profiling for which, according to RODO, you need to get permission? What should be changed in contracts of loan? These and other questions were answered by representatives of fintech industry – Tide Software and iSecure experts on 23rd of November in Warsaw.

A Step Further

The subject of RODO may seem slightly outmoded. Many lectures have been given and many articles have been written on the subject, there are even jokes about RODO and Eldorodo. The challenge is to go a step further and share the ideas how to implement and follow RODO in practice.

How to Come at RODO?

After talks with representatives of consumer finance companies, Tide Software and iSecure experts organized a workshop which aim was to show what should draw attention during using RODO and how to come at RODO in practice. Taking a practical approach to the subject attracted huge interest.

Workshop participants during the lecture

RODO – Legal Side

iSecure Company, which on a daily basis handles consulting and organises workshops in the area of information security, especially personal data security, discussed how to follow RODO in practice and answered challenging questions.

RODO – Technical Side

Tide Software Company, as a provider of complex services supporting various communication channels: SMS, email, video, voice, e.g. in the fintech industry, showed how to automate gathering of personal data and meet RODO requirements due to new technologies. Tide Software also indicated what should draw attention while using an information system for processing of personal data and defined standards for service providers.

Expert from Tide Software while giving lectures

Difficult issues.

During the workshop answers to the questions listed below were given

  • Is there a need to send emails about the change of information clause to all clients?
  • Will the consent saying “I agree on direct marketing” be enough after RODO takes effect?
  • Should every consumer finance company appoint Data Protection Officer?
  • How much personal data can be collected from clients?
  • How to apply the right to be forgotten, to withdraw the consent, to transfer personal data to another company on client’s demand and to review and correct data in practice?
  • What elements should be included in security policy?

Over 40 people participated in the workshop, which shows that the subject of personal data security (especially clients’ personal data), is treated highly seriously by consumer finance companies.

Experts from Tide Software and iSecure that runs the workshop

Educational materials

Everyone who is interested in the implementation of RODO in any company, not only a consumer finance company, can get the materials from the workshop from the website

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