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Call centers lag behind looking at actions introduced by specialists of internet advertisement or retail chains, because they think rather in other categories. Internet shops create behavioral models due to present their offer even better. Store chains track clients in shopping malls, they reach for Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). May “cosmic” innovation be applied in Call Centers? Is that not already an excessive futurism and unnecessary costs?

Targeting through call centers, as it is in Google Awards

A behavioral targeting may successfully be used in call center. What is this about? Let us look at commonly known company: Google create personality profiles and assign us to these profiles by tracking our activity in the internet. Since 2011 everyone can use AdWords behavioral targeting. That gives an opportunity not only for advertisement screening at Google’s search engine for instance: bicycle shop, when someone types the password “city bike” (context targeting), but also screening the adverts on different pages for ecology enthusiasts, sport funs and health and movement funs.

How does Google know whether you are an ecology enthusiast? It is a long story. The behavioral targeting has been our day-to-day reality for long time. Simply not everyone is aware of this.

Calculation of effect of actions of call center

Call center can draw inspiration from actions of store chains and e-commerce. Delight over behavioral approach is well known in the retail sector generally, as it eliminates unnecessary mass actions addressed to everyone. It focuses on stricte behavioral actions, introduces personalization. This approach, which is effect-calculated, lets to reduce costs while enhancing customer satisfaction.

Vend University [1] foresaw that in 2015 data about SMB clients would be more and more available and effective, and trading companies would realize that they must rely on them due to know their clients better and provide them personalized shopping experiences.

As in the book “Zero” by Marc Elsberg retail strives to the best client’s data processing, due to define their preferences. This is suitable approach until it is far from manipulation. Of course application of beacons, so aliked by chains, in call center will not translate into better results of telemarketing. However there can be other innovations, closed to the way of acting of retail sector, introduced. Lastly call center and retail lead sales activities.

Weather presenter supporting telemarketing

Suppose that call center runes 2 campaigns about different behavioral bases. One of them is connected with selling life insurance, the other one is connected with trips to exotic, warm places. What innovation should be introduces due to increase the sales?

An idea: Dialer should be integrated with weather monitoring system.

Weather is a factor, that easily can be measured, and a measurement returns the structured various. It is important to note that in Poland weather portals allow to provide information not only about the weather in particular region and agglomeration, but also in sector of bigger city.

An innovation at low level: Dialer divides traffic and calls places where the weather is nice to offer the trips and adequately this dialer calls places where the weather is bad to offer life insurance.

Weather is monitored and verified for example every 10 minutes, so settings of the dialer are actualized every 10 minutes. We assume that persons bored with everyday duties, looking at the nice weather through the window, sigh and think about rest. When the bed weather favors thoughts and introduces to a state of depression.

An innovation at low level: Dialer divides traffic and calls places where the weather is nice to offer the trips and adequately this dialer calls places where the weather is bad to offer life insurance.

An innovation at medium level: Introduction of long-term, predictive mechanisms of the dialer, which acts based on information on current weather status.

An innovation at high level of development: Assignment of target group (a base of people) to suitable behavioral profiles, meaning an order collection of information of behaviors, interests, personalities etc.

You already have the data to introduce the innovative targeting

Reading this article, the impression is that this is description of far future, and costs of launching even the simplest of behavioral targeting are astronomical. Nothing could be further from the truth. The good systems, supporting omnichannel communication with client (by multiple channels conjugated to each other), gather data which is necessary to introduce behavioral targeting all the time. The easiest example is saving information of cliking on links of emails. An email with summary of the findings sent after conversation not necessarily has to be caused by willingness of maintenance them. The main purpose of sending an email might be collecting information for targeting model. Email may consist links to other subjects, which might help to define of interest of clients.


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